Humam Ammari is a singer, song-writer, guitarist and a recording artist with a style that combines alternative, rock, pop and oriental which gives his songs that unique sound. He also sings in English, Arabic and Spanish.

His debut, self produced album is entitled „This Time of the Day” (2012) and was recorded in Amman, Jordan.

Residing now in Poznan, Poland where he recorded his second album „Random Thoughts” which was just released in February 2017.

In June 2016 Humam won the Life on Stage competition which included more than 80 bands from around the country and got to be on of the opening bands for QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT in the Life Festival Oświęcim 2016.


Humam Ammari - This Time of the Day (2012)
  1. It's Time To Wake Up Humam Ammari 4:35
  2. Hide Behind Your Shade Humam Ammari 4:03
  3. Crazy Lullaby Humam Ammari 4:26
  4. Falling Humam Ammari 4:18
  5. Dance With Me Feat. Dima Bawab Humam Ammari 4:41
  6. I'll Think Of You Humam Ammari 4:48
  7. Green Man Humam Ammari 3:32
  8. Round And Round Humam Ammari 4:36
  9. Silence In Me Humam Ammari 4:20
  10. My Angel Humam Ammari 4:57
  11. Thoughts Humam Ammari 6:47
  12. Suffocate Humam Ammari 5:50
  13. The Ukulele Song Humam Ammari 3:27
  14. The Wind Wizard Humam Ammari 2:56

Humam Ammari - "This Time of the Day" is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and eMusic

Humam Ammari - Random Thoughts (2016)
  1. May the Stars Humam Ammari 4:24
  2. Broken Teens, Beauty Queens Humam Ammari 3:51
  3. When Love Is Crushed By Fear Humam Ammari 5:50
  4. Devil In A Kiss Humam Ammari 4:24
  5. Shine Humam Ammari 5:32
  6. Deaf Ears Humam Ammari 4:56
  7. Petra Humam Ammari 4:14
  8. Don't Come If You Ain't Stayin' Humam Ammari 4:25
  9. Bukra بكره Humam Ammari 3:29
  10. Hasta Que Vuelva Mi Corazón 4:13
  11. Ocean (John Butler Cover) Humam Ammari 9:18
  12. No Supe (Bonus Track) Humam Ammari 3:19

Humam Ammari - "Random Thoughts" is available on iTunes, CD Baby

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May The Stars
"Random Thoughts" album premiere promo – 11.03.2017
Falling (Acoustic)
Green Man



22/04/2018 – (with Bukra band) Stara Piwnica (Wrocław, Poland)

20/04/2018 – 31 Baza Lotnictwa Taktycznego (Poznań/Krzesiny, Poland)

06/04/2018 – (with Bukra band) Biblioteka Legionowo (Legionowo, Poland)

25/03/2018 – Lupa (Puszczykowo, Poland)

28/01/2018 – Lupa (Puszczykowo, Poland)

24/11/2017 – 31 Bazy Lotnictwa Taktycznego (Krzesiny, Poland)

18/11/2017 – Poznańskie Targi Piwne (Poznań, Poland)

29/09/2017 – (with Bukra band) Klub Stara Remiza, Centrum Kultury Browar B (Włocławek, Poland)

20/09/2017 – (with Dawid Kostka) Sofar Sounds Poznan (Poznań, Poland)

16/09/2017 – (with Nidal Kalboneh) Slot-ART-Day (Poznań, Poland)

4-5/08/2017 – Cały Poznan Ukulele (Poznań, Poland)

24/06/2017 – (with Bukra band) Manufaktura (Łódź, Poland)

17/06/2017 – (with Bukra band) Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku (Warsaw, Poland)

28/05/2017 – Teatr im. A. Fredry (Gniezno, Poland)

11/03/2017 – CK Zamek, Sala Wielka (Poznań, Poland)

21/02/2017 – Witkowo Centrum Kultury (Witkowo, Poland)

13/08/2016 – Plaża Miejska (Poznań, Poland)

21/06/2016 – Blue Note Jazz Club (Poznań, Poland)

19/06/2016 – Life Oświęcim Festival (Oświęcim, Poland)

05/06/2016 – Klub Forty Kleparz (Kraków, Poland), Life on Stage final concert

14/05/2016 – Klub Libation (Sopot, Poland)

29/04/2016 – Klub Kwinto (Międzyrzecz, Poland)

12/03/2016 – Klub Dębczak (Poznań, Poland)

10/12/2015 – XXIII Guitarras (Barcelona, Spain)

15/11/2015 – Club Hades (Poznań, Poland)

20/06/2015 – Good Time Radio (Poznań, Poland)

22/05/2015 – El Col-leccionista Bar (Barcelona Spain)

01/02/2015 – London Bar (Barcelona, Spain)

24/01/2015 – Cara B (Barcelona, Spain)